What Our Clients LOVE About Gilmore and Gilmore, LLC.

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Attorney TipsIssue No. 4 | February, 2022

What Our Clients LOVE About Gilmore and Gilmore, LLC.

The home buying and selling process can be a stressful time especially in today’s competitive market. Here at Gilmore and Gilmore we understand this and make it our mission to ensure a smooth transaction and educate our clients along the way. We have over 52 years of real estate closing experience and are available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Here is what our clients had to say about
Gilmore & Gilmore, LLC

“We have used Gilmore and Gilmore for years as our attorney. They are always friendly, accessible, helpful, efficient and responsive. I couldn’t be more impressed with the communication and effort that helps each closing go so smoothly. We highly recommend them!” – Luke K.

“Used Gilmore & Gilmore for the closing on my house. Kept me informed and up to date during the process. Thorough in their explanations. Very friendly and easy to work with. Super easy closing with their help.” – Maegen D.

“Rachel Hollingsworth with Gilmore & Gilmore is by far the best real estate lawyer I have worked with. She seems to be playing this game 10 moves ahead, because anytime I run into a problem she has already found the solution and implemented it. Working with her has not only made my life easier but she also puts my clients’ minds at ease. Home buying can be an incredibly stressful experience, but with her counsel not one client has gone into this with cold feet.” – Kerry W.

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