Planning for the future

Estate Planning And Administration

Gilmore & Gilmore can assist you with any estate planning need that you may have. When it comes to future planning or administering an estate, we can help with everything from preparing a will, trust or other estate planning instrument to resolving probate litigation matters. Regardless of what you're looking to accomplish, our office can assist you through the process. With our more than 60 years of combined experience, we have long-standing community ties in Essex County and an established reputation for providing high-quality legal assistance.

Guiding Clients Through The Probate Process

Whether you are looking to probate and administer an estate, challenge a will or need to take legal action to protect your interests or the interests of the estate, our attorneys at Gilmore & Gilmore can provide you with the representation necessary to achieve your goals. With more than 60 years of combined experience, we can help you understand probate as well as your options when confronted with a dispute. Handling the spectrum of estate administration and probate issues, some common disputes we see include: • Will contests and litigation arising out or fraud, incompetence, conflicting interests, undue influence and testamentary capacity • Contest conservatorship • Contested valuation and disposition of assets • Breach of fiduciary duty • Tax controversies involving the estate We are sensitive to the family dynamics that factor into these types of disputes. We know that many families don't want to air their disputes or draw unnecessary attention. As your attorneys, we can look for a quiet and efficient resolution that keeps your family out of court. Whether you are a beneficiary looking to protect your interests or you have been accused of applying undue influence on the decedent while he or she created a will, we will review your case, explain the laws, offer advice and can help you take appropriate action.

Areas of Probate Practice

Wills and Trusts 

Probate and estate administration 

Powers of attorney and health care proxies 


Will contests and Probate litigation

Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you protect yourself and your family. You may simply want an attorney to review your trust documents to ensure their legality or you may need someone to pursue contested assets in a family member's estate. In any scenario, our office will provide legal guidance and representation throughout the life of the case.